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  • 09:00 AM | An Astronomer by Stealth (Week 01)
    The first thing I do upon starting my Astronomy degree is discover that I’m not doing an Astronomy degree. This isn’t an inspiring metaphor, as when Sean Carroll describes scientists as “Poetic Naturalists”. I mean that, according to the Open University, I am literally not studying an Astronomy degree.
  • Axiom’s End Review
    Axiom’s End‘s story concerns the aesthetics and tropes of the sort of mid-2000s science fiction that some would describe as “trashy” … and approaches them with the delicacy of more profound science fiction such as Contact or Arrival. The result is a wonderful collision of artistic sensibilities; it’s like discovering a Power Ranger in the background of a Bouguereau painting, and finding that it’s still beautiful.
  • Wonderful Chaplets, All of Them | The Awkward Legacy of Doctor Who’s Dodo
    On the surface, Dodo is no different to any of the other friends the Doctor has made on their fifty year voyage back and forth across space and time. Why is she so infamous amongst tinfoil robots and bubblewrap monsters?

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